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Восход солнце над пшеничным полем

My Approach

On my group and individual constellation sessions, I invite you to a space of honesty and intimacy with yourself real/authentical, a space where you can in a safe and supporting atmosphere explore and transform the issues which you find important for you. 

In my work I use a set of methods and techniques: systemic and family constellations by B. Hellinger, Constellation of Intention by F. Ruppert, Therapy of trauma by S. Svetozarova, Gestalt therapy, Art therapy, M. Murray method, elements of provocative therapy, 12-step program of spiritual growth for working with addictions, coaching, integrative therapy (in work with couples).

My mission is to accompany you to your qualitatively better reality, where direction, speed and depth of therapy is choosing you!

My task is to be next to you on the way to your authenticity, real true you and use all my knowledge, skills and experience for making the process of therapy ecological, effective and most possibly delicate and attentive to all of the emotional experiences it can raise up.

If you want to start this journey - waiting for your message, call or email.

My wish - is to be helpful for you!

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