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Hello dear Friends!

I am happy to introduce myself now on this web page for you

It will give you more understanding and sensation either I can be useful for you or not. As I find reliable contact very important for the forthcoming work - everything, on my belief, starts from therapeutic alliance. The healing, transformation and insights can happen only in atmosphere of trust, respect and are coming out from one heart to another. 

I am 35, I am psychologist, constellator and consultant. My journey to the world of psychology, psychotherapy and self-development started 14 years ago, still continues and became a profession and life dedication for the last 5 years.

My mission is empowering the potential you have, through meeting with your Authenticity, your True-Self, working out personal and family-related issues, bringing out what is in the shadow (not always there is something unpleasant, quite often we also put aside our gifts, talents and greatness) and setting free from destructive patterns. With the high motivation on your side and knowledge, skills, professional and personal experience from my side - I can guarantee the development and enhancement of your well-being. As I observe this progress from each session to another from my clients for the past 4-5 years. Your success - is my success! Welcome to the journey!


Anna Bezuidenhout-Artemenko



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