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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Set Your-Self  Free


About Me

I am happy to introduce myself here now on this page for you, so it can give you more understanding and sensation either I can be useful for you or not. As I find reliable contact very important for the forthcoming work - everything, on my belief, starts from therapeutic alliance. The healing, transformation and insights can happen only in atmosphere of trust, respect and are coming out from one heart to another. 

I am 39, I am psychologist, constellator and consultant. My journey to the world of psychology, psychotherapy and self-development started 17 years ago, still continues and became a profession and life dedication for the last 10 years.

My mission is empowering the potential you have, through meeting with your Authenticity, your True-Self, working out personal and family-related issues, bringing out what is in the shadow (not always there is something unpleasant, quite often we also put aside our gifts, talents and greatness) and setting free from destructive patterns. With the high motivation on your side and knowledge, skills, professional and personal experience from my side - I can guarantee the development and enhancement of your well-being. As I observe this progress from each session to another from my clients's feedbacks for the years I work. Your success - is my success! Welcome to the journey!


Anna Bezuidenhout-Artemenko



The biggest focus in my work, my personal interest and my specialization as psychologist aims in treatment of the following requests: 

Trauma&Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

If you have ever asked yourself who are you, where are you going and what is your destination and sense of the life. If your stepped on the road of self discovery and experiencing of yourself, life and other people - but stuck at some point and/or going backwards from yourself to being whom you are not - I will be happy to accompany you and be next to you in a struggle, weakness, shame, fear, aggression, insecurity on the way to your thru essence - Authentic You

We all grew up surrounded by people, with their good things for us and in the same time with defaults. Our parents were raised by their parents and so on and so on. Most of the traumas we don't even remember or just trying to deal with it by "putting into closet", though our psychics tries to resolve it and unconsciously we arrange and recreate for ourselves the situations similar to those where we've been traumatised in order to relive it again and become free from that pain. And in most of the case we retraumatize ourselves even more. Don't wait for another cycle, by working out present situations with a retrospective at past, - you have a chance to stop destructiveness affect your life. 

If you feel not happy about yourself, your life and each morning starts with a feeling: "its just another day from 365" and if its lasts for some period of time - you can find yourself in a depressive state and the longer you stay there - more time and efforts will be needed to get back to a state where you live (not just exist) and fully enjoy your living. The same is with anxiety, phobias, obsessive and compulsive behaviour. Everything has a reason, if you are ready to enhance your life and face what is in the shadow - you are welcome on the sessions where I will be there for you no matter how scary, shameful, painful or whatsoever theme and issue you want to bring on the table.

Life Crises

If you are going through intense, complex or tragic period of your life, experience overwhelming changes or losses (partner, job, status, health etc), you definitely need and a safe place and a qualified person for reflecting things and truing to resolve the ties which hold from moving forward. Is very important especially in such periods give yourself time and possibility to comprehend what is happening in life, what effect it has over you, get support and allow yourself emotional/intellectual/sprititual processing, finding new senses and visions. 

The most resourceful and the most challenging part of the life. There is not anybody who'd never face issues, conflicts, miscommunications and misbalance in relations, either it was with a partner, relative, with a friend or colleague or with a child. The easiest way is to drop problematic relations and isolate "inconvinient" person from the everyday life. Not always that can be possible and not always that works and as in the end we can find us isolated and lonely ourselves, willing to build good relationships but not able to. The most effective and giving the biggest outcome - is to learn how to build relations from your side, to be aware what is important for you in relations, what is acceptable what is not, what are your limits, what is your private, what are respect, love and care for you.

-"I dont like how she/he treats me"

- "I dont get payed according to what I do/know/can"

- "I feel like I dont deserve better.."

- "I always limited in time, money, possibilities"

Our material reality and how we position ourselves in relations is a projection of internal construct in our unconsciousness.

Making acquaintance with yourself on a deeper level will give resolutions for many requests connected to self-esteem, self-evaluation and self-respect. Sometimes to look at potential, goodness, talents and gifts is harder than on flaws and faults.

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